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Robyn BrandIf you’re reading this then you already know what it takes to become successful. Whatever the industry, to succeed in a deep sea of average and boring takes an extraordinary blend of two things. 
1.  Knowing what others don’t. 
2.  Doing what others won’t. 

Robyn Brand is supremely successful. In the residential real estate business, supreme and perpetual success is earned by taking extraordinary care (sharing, serving and solving) of your clients.  The Houston Business Journal has ranked Robyn Brand among the Top Twenty out of over twenty three thousand real estate agents in Greater Houston Area, three years in a row. Along with her HBJ awards she has a pile of new home builder plaques, office production trophies, company sales awards and atta-girl news clippings and legions of loyal clients. 

About now you might be thinking, “That’s great for Robyn, but how does that help me? I’m interested in finding someone I can trust to get the job done well.  Someone who understands market nuance, history and trends and can help me take advantage of what’s happening right now.  It’d be great if my agent had community connections and relationships that would benefit me in my move as well.  This a really important too, I want someone who listens, attends the details, keeps promises, anticipates and is fiercely action oriented on my behalf. Awards are fine, but I need an agent who is all about me and mine, not themselves." There is very good news.

If you’re buying or selling, choose Robyn Brand to help you get what you want.  Her track record as agent of choice for tens of millions of dollars in sales and hundreds of clients; their family, friends, neighbors and coworkers speaks for itself. In a pot-luck sea of twenty three thousand plus real estate agents, Robyn is very smart, tested and a proven choice. Call her now and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you and yours are in the best of hands. 

A few other things you might want to know about Robyn is that she doesn’t jabber, bore or BS.  Robyn enjoys life and shoots straight.  Because she’s successful and busy she values her time, which means she understands the value of yours and won’t waste it. Robyn’s a native Texan, mother of three beautiful adult children,  nd wife to her husband of thirty one years, Ken.  Robyn understands people, commitment, gratitude, discipline, patience, problem solving, having fun and making important things happen for the important people in her life.  Important people in her life include old and new friends, family and clients. If you’re looking for someone like Robyn, someone who's into serving others more the high-fiving herself, call or text her at 832-928-4143.  Or shoot her an email Robyn.Brand@GaryGreene.com.  Robyn is eager to hear from you.

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